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May I Get Some Duck, Rabbit and a Chunk of Lard

... All my cousins are coming for dinner


The Boucherie Agricole in the iconic French Riviera town of Cannes exemplifies the ethos of a local owner-run butchery. The men who work here are experts in their craft, ranging from wisened master-artisans, to the younger generation who apprentices them. Any side of meat quickly prepared with the deft cuts of superior knife skills.

The butchery services top Michelin starred restaurants, stocks the super-yachts of the Côte d'Azur, but also welcomes a steady stream of locals. They wonder in throughout the day to pick up a daily portion of bacon or choose a bird from a staggering selection of the best of French poultry.

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That’s the wonderful thing about choosing to shop at the local butcher; there is an implicit trust in the men behind the counter.  All meats showcased here are individually selected from farmers who share the same values and commitment to quality, and who would rather err on the side of quality and good heart, than profit and speed.

Here at Boucherie Agricole and other butcheries like it all over France, the idea of ‘nose to tail’ is not novel. The French have been eating like this for years.

“When the neo-Pop maestro Rob Pruitt needed a new cat who created special editions with.”


Money Talk


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